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A Christmas Holiday Diary

Peace and quiet, the boys are back at school.  That was a hectic couple of weeks.  I can look back calmly now and see all the lovely things we did, it’s difficult to… Continue reading

World Book Day – Jack and the Beanstalk on a budget

The Fireman wished to dress up as Jack and the Beanstalk for today’s World Book Day at school.  There are some brilliant dressing up costumes available to buy, but I know from experience… Continue reading

super strawberries

An early trip to Scaddows farm this year ensured a bountiful crop of huge, juicy, delicious strawberries. They open at 9.30 so we got there early as it’s so hot and of course… Continue reading

Pottery Beach is Open!

So it’s seems we’re in the middle of a heatwave, so where better to go than the beach.  With Derby not being well known as a seaside resort, we headed to Denby Pottery… Continue reading

Dens, more dens, flying superheroes and a bow and arrow

Yep it’s been a truly random day here.  Still a bit chilly outdoors and whilst it’s good to be positive I think my idea of a bike ride round a local park was… Continue reading

Wedding Anniversary- Seven years!

Seven years we’ve been married! We first started going out 13 years ago, at the turn of the Millennium   I remember celebrating the Millennium up on Derwent edge, tucked under a gritstone tor, freezing my butt… Continue reading