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Half Term Diary (and a bonus dairy free cake recipe)

It has been a busy, busy week. Today has been the toughest, we’ve not been able to get out much as I’ve had an emergency dentist appointment right in the middle of the… Continue reading

Christmas at Calke Abbey

First day of the holidays, feels so good.  The boys are still arguing, still stressing me out, but at least I can prance about the house in my PJ’s till 10am.  We played… Continue reading

Halloween at Calke Abbey

I’d almost forgotten about this day out.  Calke Abbey is the most local National Trust property to us and we are lucky to have such a beautiful place nearby.  The parkland itself is… Continue reading

Running the Trails of Calke Abbey

Yes running!! I haven’t written about running for a long, long time!! In fact it was April when I did my first Parkrun.  I’m still running about 3-4 times a week, so it’s… Continue reading

A chilly trip to Calke Abbey and muddy brown paintings

Cor blimey it was cold and damp as the fog didn’t lift until later on when we were at home. Stiff upper lip and all that, we persevered.  We met Sawley Grandad (my dad)… Continue reading

Eating Dirt Part 2 – Who needs paths?

A few weeks ago The Cyclist and I had one of those rare days of being together without children.  So we decided to go running again.  Rucsacs of love – Eating dirt Part 1,… Continue reading