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Chee Dale Adventure

Having driven alongside this valley many times when I worked in the Peaks, I’ve never visited until this weekend.  I was seeing photos almost weekly on Instagram of those infamous Chee Dale stepping… Continue reading

A Christmas Holiday Diary

Peace and quiet, the boys are back at school.  That was a hectic couple of weeks.  I can look back calmly now and see all the lovely things we did, it’s difficult to… Continue reading

My poor aching legs

It’s normally the 3 year old that says ‘My legs are tired, I can’t walk’ before we even leave the house.  But today it was me, not only do my legs ache but… Continue reading

A walk in the Woods with Freddie Frog

The Farmer has had Freddie Frog to look after this weekend. He brought him home from Pre-school last week and he absolutely adores him. He’s been everywhere with us this weekend and has… Continue reading

Half Term Diary (and a bonus dairy free cake recipe)

It has been a busy, busy week. Today has been the toughest, we’ve not been able to get out much as I’ve had an emergency dentist appointment right in the middle of the… Continue reading

It was all going so well….

…..until he vomited everywhere and birds started being shot out of the sky.  Apart from that though it was a perfect morning out.  As usual it was a bit of a struggle to… Continue reading