My poor aching legs

gigantic daisy
It’s normally the 3 year old that says ‘My legs are tired, I can’t walk’ before we even leave the house.  But today it was me, not only do my legs ache but my head hurts too.  It’s all completely my fault.  I ran a half marathon yesterday, my first half and now I’m suffering.  Unfortunately that means nothing to a 3 year old full of beans.  So today I decided we’d carrying on walking after dropping off The Fireman at school, instead of coming home, sitting down and risking never getting up again.  We walked up the hill and onto the fields, stopping at the playground to refuel with a banana.  Instead of walking back the same route I persuaded The Farmer to walk back along the ‘Secret path’, a different Secret Path to our other local walk a few weeks ago. He did the usual running….

….and running….
…and running.
He found it exciting to spot the next yellow waymarker across the field and carried on running.
spotting the waymarkers
Along the footpath, the were lots of little tracks, mostly animal tracks going into the old orchard, one track looked big enough to follow. We found an old den, The Farmer tested out the seat and table for size, I felt a bit like Goldilocks!
abandoned dens
The path eventually brought us out onto the road. We spotted a very hairy wall….
hairy wall
taking a break to appreciate the hyacinths
…and some beautiful hyacinths, which needed to be appreciated from ground level, obviously.
We collected sticks, well actually old hogweed stems. We hadn’t collected sticks for almost 48hrs, shocking! These old stems work perfectly for bug hotels. So that’s what we made when we got home.
bug hotel
As the stems cut very easily it’s a great craft activity for young children. All you need to do is cut the stems to a similar length, not too long. then wrap in a length of corrugated cardboard (more hidey holes in this), make lots of bends in it so wraps your sticks nicely. Tie with some string, then fill in any gaps with extra sticks.
bug hotel
We decorated the outside with collected leaves and petals. I made it into a little game, asking him to collect different shapes and textures. I love games like these, that they find really fun, but are really educational without them even noticing. We then just stuck them on with some glue.
It looked so pretty, but to be honest we really should have made this before winter as a home for hibernating bugs, one day I’ll be *totally organised!
bug hotel
*Absolutely NO chance.