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The Farmer is 4! A Knights and Dragons Party!

A Knight’s and dragons party!! It’s taken two weeks to get round to writing this.  So here it is, The Farmers 4th birthday.  As usual we didn’t get many photos as we were… Continue reading

World Penguin Day

We were going to go out to the woods today, but then we saw cute pictures of penguins and found out it was World Penguin Day. So we decided to watch some short… Continue reading

My poor aching legs

It’s normally the 3 year old that says ‘My legs are tired, I can’t walk’ before we even leave the house.  But today it was me, not only do my legs ache but… Continue reading

World Book Day – Jack and the Beanstalk on a budget

The Fireman wished to dress up as Jack and the Beanstalk for today’s World Book Day at school.  There are some brilliant dressing up costumes available to buy, but I know from experience… Continue reading

Eating Around the World – Israel

This week we went to Israel. It’s really good for me to do this project as I actually don’t know where a lot of these countries are.  As for Israel I would’ve guessed… Continue reading

Eating Around the World – Bangladesh

This was a bit of a hurried meal due to engineer five arriving to fix the dishwasher.  But hey, it’s finally fixed and the meal was very tasty.  For main course we had… Continue reading