The Farmer is 4! A Knights and Dragons Party!

A Knight’s and dragons party!! It’s taken two weeks to get round to writing this.  So here it is, The Farmers 4th birthday.  As usual we didn’t get many photos as we were busy setting up and playing games.  The theme for the party was dragons, castles and a bit of knights, anything we fancied really!

We made some dragon invites with coloured card and a details card held by the dragon, if that makes sense??! We also cut zig-zaggy teeth and stuck on some red card for fire.
dragon invites

We started the party with a balloon pop game.  The balloons were filled with sweets and stuck to some card on which I painted a dragon.  We made a little jousting pole with a garden cane.

home made joust

The hand cover bit was the top of a tonic bottle stuck on and covered with silver duct tape, covered the rest of the cane with colourful electrical tape and taped a bamboo skewer to the end.  Each knight wore the knights helmet thing and ran and stabbed! 🙂 The Cyclist was very brave holding the cardboard up!

balloon pop jousting

Next up was pin the fire on the dragon.  I originally thought of using a drawing pin, but it didn’t work very well, so we used a piece of duct tape folded back and stuck the fire on.

pin the fire on the dragon

pin the fire on the dragon

I painted a ROAR sign, just because it looked fun, here is the most enthusiastic ROAR I have ever heard!

the most enthusiastic dragon roar, ever!

After food we made shields by covering cardboard shield shapes with foil, gems and tape.  There were also balloon swords, which is the only balloon model I can do, but it’s a good one!

shield craft and balloon swords

The birthday cake was a giant chocolate castle with a massive amount of decorating ingredients.  This was the easiest birthday cake I’ve made.  I used a scone cutter to cut away the corners of a two layer chocolate sponge and put 4 swiss rolls in for turrets.  The straight sides and top were then covered with chocolate frosting and chocolate and sweets were added.  I made some simple flags with card and skewers. Oh I could eat some of this right now.

castle cake

And there were balloons, lots of balloons!!! It was a great day with 10 children, which seemed manic but was actually really lovely.

balloon fight

The next morning, The Farmer woke up to his birthday castle, smiles all round!

ELC castle