Eating Around the World – Israel

Marinated chicken skewers
This week we went to Israel. It’s really good for me to do this project as I actually don’t know where a lot of these countries are.  As for Israel I would’ve guessed it was somewhere to the west of north Africa, but not actually sure where. The meal I chose was marinated chicken skewers with a couscous salad, translates to shipudei off im couscous, the recipe I based it on is here. It looked and sounded lovely, but unfortunately I wasn’t that impressed, partly due the stress of getting it cooked quickly, there seems to be so little time after school recently. I didn’t bother with the labneh as to be honest I forgot an the instructions suggest it takes 2-3 days to make, so no chance as I only had 30mins. Overall it was OK the boys ate it, they quite liked eating food off skewers, but it wasn’t that tasty.
For dessert we had rugelach, using this recipe as a guideline.  The picture with the recipe shows the pastry as lovely and flaky, but mine was not like that at all.  They were OK, but nothing more than jammy pastry, The Fireman asked for a second one, so if he enjoys it then I guess that’s all that matters.
For our craft we talked a little bit about Hannukah as it was Hannukah at the time and we made these silhouette, tissue paper Hanukiah.

Next week Algeria.