Dukes Quarry

The other weekend we visited Dukes Quarry and the adjacent quarries at Whatstandwell.  We’ve spent time here before, many years ago.  Myself with work and together when we used to climb, not that… Continue reading

Because we like burning stuff.

We bought ourselves an Ezystove because, well, we like to burn stuff.  We trialled it for the first time today, just in the garden, along with the new kettle.  We set up a… Continue reading

A Christmas Holiday Diary

Peace and quiet, the boys are back at school.  That was a hectic couple of weeks.  I can look back calmly now and see all the lovely things we did, it’s difficult to… Continue reading

Snow Day

Back to blogging! Well maybe. Having a look back over the past few years of blog posts, it reminds me that maybe I’m not such a rubbish parent as I sometimes feel. I’ll… Continue reading

Tea and Tentipi

Wow, no blogging since May, it’s been a long break! So much has happened and changed, the boys are now both at school!  I’ll pretend I never left and continue as I was…… Continue reading

The Farmer is 4! A Knights and Dragons Party!

A Knight’s and dragons party!! It’s taken two weeks to get round to writing this.  So here it is, The Farmers 4th birthday.  As usual we didn’t get many photos as we were… Continue reading