Rain, Rain, Rain and Fresh Snail Bread

We went out for a short walk this morning, my youngest son, who thinks he’s a farmer, was in the carrier as he may have fractured his leg, poor boy.  The Farmer has… Continue reading

Somewhere Around Staunton Harold

The more I’ve been running the more I’ve started to enjoy running up and down hills, along muddy footpaths and climbing over stiles.  It made sense to invest in some trail shoes and… Continue reading

On The Run

Back in August 2011 I decided to try and do some running again.  I’d done a bit of running a few years back with my Dad, but not stuck with it.  I’d never… Continue reading

Scotch Egg Pizzas?

We never really have a problem using up this amount of eggs, they usually last 2-3 weeks and the majority of them end up in cakes. We also make ice cream, so that’s… Continue reading

Betty’s Farm

After we’d been fishing in puddles at Hilton gravel pits, we stopped at Betty’s Farm on the way home.   Betty’s Farm is the home to 24,000 free range chickens, it’s impossible to… Continue reading

Sunshine Please

We had sunshine yesterday and very pleasant it was.  So regardless of the awful headache I had, I took the boys out as they were driving me mad in the house. As I’ve mentioned I… Continue reading