Betty’s Farm

After we’d been fishing in puddles at Hilton gravel pits, we stopped at Betty’s Farm on the way home.   Betty’s Farm is the home to 24,000 free range chickens, it’s impossible to imagine this amount of chickens until you’ve actually seen them.

Based in Willington they allow you to buy eggs straight from the farm at a very reasonable price.  As we do a lot of baking in our house, we need eggs and lots of them.  I currently buy a tray (30 eggs) of seconds for £3.30.  I not only like the seconds because they are a good price, but also because many are very odd shapes which you would never get from a supermarket.

My boys love this place as i’m sure any pre-schooler would.  It’s the sort of place that’s worthwhile taking a short detour to when you’re in the area.  It’s not a place you could spend a whole day there like some family farmyard attraction type of places.  They also have a farm shop selling fruit and veg, cakes, biscuits and other tasty things.  They have recently begun hosting a farmers market on the first Tuesday of each month, although i’ve not been to this yet.

The people there are very friendly and helpful.  They have a few other animals, including llamas, sheep and goats which you can feed with food bought from the shop and hidden in the Rural Pride shed are some rabbits!

So by the time you’ve bought some eggs, fruit and veg, raced the chickens up the lane and back (they run very fast) had some (Bluebells) ice cream, fed the animals and visited the rabbits an hour has past in no time at all and all its cost you is 20p for for a bag of animal food.