Rain, Rain, Rain and Fresh Snail Bread

We went out for a short walk this morning, my youngest son, who thinks he’s a farmer, was in the carrier as he may have fractured his leg, poor boy.  The Farmer has been very frustrated by not being able to walk as he’s normally running around like a nutter. So with a poorly leg and a rainy day, we had to think of other stuff to explore.  We did the usual play with lego, play with trucks and making pictures, which they enjoy doing.

Then I thought, I’d better make some bread dough for a loaf tomorrow, I try my best to make all our bread although at times I forget and we end up with a crap loaf of white sliced from the local co-op.

I thought if I’m making dough, then I could make some for the boys and they could create some sort of creature or of course just a blob if they liked.

I’m lucky in that we have a Kenwood Chef and I can just bung a load of ingredients into a bowl, attach the bread hook and turn it on. I think I’d be less inclined to make bread if I had to knead it by hand (plain lazy).

Driver Dan and snail (minus antenna)

So here’s what they made.  The Fireman, with some assistance, made a Driver Dan. The Farmer made a erm…story train and I helped him make a snail.  I made a very hungry caterpillar, which I tried to make with The Farmer, but he kept trying to eat it, so it was my own personal project.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Driver Dan’s story train (not a sperm)

This is great as it’s just like play dough/salt dough type of activity, but at the end, you can EAT it!

I used a basic bread dough recipe of:

450g strong bread flour

260ml water

6g (about 2 tsp) fast action dried yeast

1heaped tsp salt

Mix it up for about 5mins, create model, leave to rise for 30-60mins, bake for about 15-20mins on 180c.

I think next time I might make a sweetened, spiced dough.  They could decorate it a bit like an iced bun and eat it for pudding.