Dande-lions, Roar!

As The Farmer is still out of action due to a possible leg fracture, he had a day off nursery and we went on a mini adventure.  I decided to go to Locko Park in Derby.  It’s a private estate with a public bridleway and footpath running through.  There’s no car park, but there are parking spaces for 5-6 cars on the lay-by outside the gates on Locko Road. There’s not much there, but it is a nice quiet walk and the estate is very pretty.

We walked to the lake and sat on the grass for our picnic, The Farmer was pleased as he’d requested lunch at 9.15am and it was now approx 11.40am.  The one slightly positive thing about his poorly leg is that he can’t run off, so it was a very pleasant and relaxing picnic.

I’m starting to hear similarities between The Farmer and Officer Crabtree, ‘Good moaning’ from ‘Allo ‘Allo! Such as today we just said ‘hello’ to the ducks and geese as we had ‘no fud goose’. The other day he said ‘mummy seat but on’ this was before I’d even managed to close the car door, never mind reach for my seat belt.

The picnic consisted of a slice of sausage pie, yoghurt, a pear and CAKE! Damn he saw the cake before he’d even started on the sausage pie, I had a battle on my hands!

Anyway we sat in the sunshine and then continued our walk up the hill, through a very pretty field full of dandelions.  I’ve never really thought of dandelions as pretty, just weeds, but it looked lovely (they’re still not allowed in my garden though, along with pigeons).

The farmer kept requesting ‘more dande-lions, roar’.