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World Penguin Day

We were going to go out to the woods today, but then we saw cute pictures of penguins and found out it was World Penguin Day. So we decided to watch some short… Continue reading

Eating Around the World – Scotland

Scotland week as chosen by The Farmer. This seems to be the country he wishes to visit the most, maybe next year, it’d be a long drive that I’m not sure I’m quite… Continue reading

Teepees, fruit sewing and baking bread

This happened a couple of weeks ago, during half term.  The weather was miserable and after a week of camping in cold, wet and windy weather, I’d had enough.  So we planned an… Continue reading

The Sunday Baking Club – 1,000 P-A-R-T-Y Week

If you’ve not heard of the Sunday Baking Club before head over and have a quick look.  It’s a friendly baking community where a challenge/theme is set weekly, everyone that joins in tweets… Continue reading

it’s been a rabbity sort of day

Last night The Farmer request a rabbity day.  I just sort of nodded and smiled, saying ‘yes that sounds like fun’. OK so what makes a rabbit day?? I think the rabbit theme… Continue reading

The wonders of the cardboard box and an egg-citing Easter trail

We can’t recycle our cardboard until it’s been thoroughly pummelled, or hopefully creatively and thoughtfully made into something interesting, usually just pummelled though. Today we started with a sheet of cardboard and a long narrow cardboard… Continue reading