Eating Around the World – Scotland

scotch pies and mushy peas

Scotland week as chosen by The Farmer. This seems to be the country he wishes to visit the most, maybe next year, it’d be a long drive that I’m not sure I’m quite ready for yet.  Haggis was an obvious choice, but we had that on Burn’s night, so we had Scotch pies. The pies were made with a hot water crust pastry and filled with seasoned mince beef and gravy. Very simple and very tasty served with mash and mushy peas. Both boys enjoyed the pies, we actually had to stop The Farmer sleepily stuffing himself full of pie as he had eaten almost an adults portion, he could hardly manage pudding
raspberry cranachan
Cranachan for dessert. It’s such an easy dessert and one which I always associate with Scotland and who am I to refuse cream? However we omitted the whiskey.

making nessy
We had quite rainy day, so we kept ourselves busy thinking about the Loch Ness monster. The Farmer is convinced it’s real and has since told everyone he’s seen all about Nessy. We made Nessy cakes by decorating some fairy cakes with blue buttercream then adding green icing covered Party Ring biscuits to create a Nessy shape. I’m convinced we ate more icing and biscuits than the cakes we actually decorated.
Loch Ness monster cakes
Just for fun we made holes in some cardboard and posted a toy snake through it to create a Loch Ness monster which went on to attack the cardboard castle, but fortunately the Lego Star Wars ships were on hand to defend it.
the Loch Ness monster attacks the castle

For next week The Fireman has chosen a country where cowboys live, he wants to eat cowboy food. I’ve loosely based it on Arizona, cowboys do come from Arizona right??

Just for a bit of fun we’ve entered our Loch Ness cupcakes into the Rangecookers Cupcake Creative competition.  Have a look at the link and enter your cupcakes too.