Teepees, fruit sewing and baking bread

Bread making
This happened a couple of weeks ago, during half term.  The weather was miserable and after a week of camping in cold, wet and windy weather, I’d had enough.  So we planned an indoor activity.  One of the first things The Fireman said when he woke up was ‘I want to make a teepee in the lounge’ makes things so much easier when they come up with the ideas.  We attempted a teepee a while back with some bits and pieces from the house, but it was a bit rubbish, so we headed to the local garden centre and bought long canes. Whilst there I remembered The Cyclist suggesting we should try making bread in terracotta pots, so we bought some little pots too. I think the boys would’ve stayed at the garden centre all morning, they love running around and chuckling at the garden gnomes.
When we got home I tied the canes together and brought out an old sheet.  The Cyclist had another great idea that the boys could paint the sheet, so out came the paints.  The sheet needed quite a while to dry so we braved the rain and headed to the park for a while, the weather really was grim and we all got soaked. The teepee later migrated to the garden.
fruit bracelets
Back home and we then had a go at making fruit bracelets.  I showed the boys how to safely use a needle and we threaded lots of different fruits onto some plastic string.  The needles were quite chunky wool needles so not very sharp. They really enjoyed it and it was a good calming down activity.
bread making
The paint was still not dry so we started on making the bread in the terracotta pots. We made up a batch of basic bread dough and stuffed a random selection (whatever was in the fridge) of cheeses into the middle of the dough.  The Fireman was so happy I let him use one of the sharp knives, he was very sensible about it too, he can be so grown up at times. The pots had been well oiled, but we used some greaseproof paper too. We left them to prove, then sprinkled some seeds on top and baked for about 20mins. They were delicious and also huge! This day took a lot of energy, but we eventually made it to bedtime with only a few moments of yelling, so overall I think it was worth it.