The Sunday Baking Club – 1,000 P-A-R-T-Y Week

fridge cake

If you’ve not heard of the Sunday Baking Club before head over and have a quick look.  It’s a friendly baking community where a challenge/theme is set weekly, everyone that joins in tweets their contribution to @sundaybakeclub, then votes are cast, the favourite bake of the week is awarded ‘The Golden Spoon’.  So who else is going to join in??

Here’s our contribution for this week, The Sunday Baking Club has reached 1000 followers so to celebrate it’s a 1000 party week.

we used chopped up marshmallows to top our fridge cake

we used chopped up marshmallows to top our fridge cake

bashing, bashing, bashing

bashing, bashing, bashing

The SBC 1000 fridge cake.  I can’t quite believe i’ve never made fridge cake before, it’s a simple recipe of

100g dark chocolate melted.

30-40g golden syrup (1 large tbsp)

120g butter

30g sugar

1tbsp cocoa

200g grams of bashed digestive biscuits

  • melt butter, sugar, syrup and cocoa together in a saucepan.
  • mix butter mixture with biscuits and stir in the melted chocolate
  • put in a cake tin lined with cling film and leave in the fridge until set
  • decorate with more sugary things, now go for a run or something similar.