it’s been a rabbity sort of day

Babbit day - carrot cakes
Last night The Farmer request a rabbity day.  I just sort of nodded and smiled, saying ‘yes that sounds like fun’. OK so what makes a rabbit day?? I think the rabbit theme has stemmed from the rabbit house we made the other day.  So that got a bit more use, amazingly it’s still in one piece.
Babbit day - carrot cakes
We moved onto baking carrot cake muffins, don’t think we’ve had cake for a few days, starting to get withdrawal symptoms.  Licking the bowl clean of carrot cake mix is the only time i’ve seen the boys eat raw carrot, should perhaps make it more often.
Babbit day
Later on we read a selection of babbity stories and then made a fluffy rabbit mask.
Babbit day
The Farmer is quite good at following instructions to make things, The Fireman on the other hand just likes cutting paper into tiny pieces…
I thought It’d be really nice to take the boys over to Allestree Park in Derby to meet their friend and also visit the rabbits and chickens, but turns out they are no longer there due to council cuts, shame.  So we took some rabbit teddies thinking we might do a sort of rabbit teddies hide and seek.  What actually happened was this huge felled tree.
Babbit day - Allestree Park
It created a place for climbing, chopping, stick collecting, den making, ship sailing and a large bench to snack on.
Babbit day - choc babbits
Our journey home was quiet and sleepy, the fresh air has sent The Farmer off into snoozy land whilst The Fireman and I watch a suitably naff DVD.  That’s it, we survived the Easter holidays, yippee! Despite the shocking weather, we’ve had quite a nice time and are still friends, just about. Now what is a acceptable time to start on the wine???