Scotch Egg Pizzas?

We never really have a problem using up this amount of eggs, they usually last 2-3 weeks and the majority of them end up in cakes. We also make ice cream, so that’s at least 4 egg yolks, so that leaves me with 4 egg whites which generally means meringues or chocolate mousse, i’m happy with either as they’re both delicious.

This time I decided to try something different.  My eldest son, who thinks he’s a fireman (there are apparently always fires to put out in our house), has recently taken a liking to scotch eggs.  The ones you buy at the supermarket and quite frankly, grim.  So I thought i’d have a go at making them.

It’s a nice simple thing to do.  I boiled six eggs, wrapped them in sausage meat.  I found that by squashing a ball of sausage into a big patty shape in my hand it was easier to wrap the egg.  I thought as the meat was so sticky I wouldn’t need to dip it in beaten egg, so I just rolled them in panko crumbs, any breadcrumbs would do though.  Traditionally scotch eggs are then deep fried.  I’m not keen on deep frying stuff, not because it’s unhealthy but it scares me, a lot, especially as i’m given to distraction quite often when i’m cooking! So I baked them instead, in the oven at 190c for about 25mins.

Now the end results were not quite as i’d hoped, but they are definitely tastier (and cheaper) than anything from a shop. Unfortunately they didn’t go very brown, you couldn’t really see any breadcrumbs, so maybe dipping in egg before rolling in crumbs would be better next time.  The other problem was the sausage meat shrank and so the little oeufs were peeping out.

This all taken into consideration, The Fireman was still excited to see imperfect scotch eggs when he returned from pre-school.

That evening we made pizzas for tea.  We made a basic bread dough recipe for the base, a simple tomato sauce to cover and then I left the rest to The Fireman.  He choose salami, mozzarella and……scotch egg toppings.

He gobbled it up with great gusto and was delighted with his creation and will now be having scotch egg in his lunch bag for the next three days. Think i’ll just make four next time.