On The Run

Back in August 2011 I decided to try and do some running again.  I’d done a bit of running a few years back with my Dad, but not stuck with it.  I’d never managed to get to a point where I thought ‘I enjoyed that’.  So last August I thought I’d try again as my youngest son was then over 1 year old and I felt it was about time I should shift those few extra pounds you get when pregnant from eating essential doughnuts. I also thought, having two very energetic little boys it won’t be that many years before they can walk, run and cycle faster than me and I felt I should get a bit of a headstart with my fitness just so I can give them a bit of competition 🙂

Luckily my husband is a very keen runner, although he’s not been able to do that many miles in recent years due to calf pains, he still supported and encouraged me from the very beginning. I was also lucky to have a friend who I worked with at the time who is an experienced runner who supported me and came along for the occasional jog.  It sounds lovely doesn’t it, out for a jog with a friend, but whilst she was chatting away to me I felt as though I’d been lifted onto some inhospitable planet with a limited oxygen supply and was slowly dying, so I just nodded and tried to keep some sort of focus.

I set myself a target, the Derby 10k on April 1st 2012.  I tried to get out for a run at least twice a week.  It was hard at first but I noticed a difference within a few weeks.  I started off by just doing 2-3k each time, then slowly built it up to 4-5k.  

I gradually got to the point when returning home from a run I could stand and proudly say ‘I enjoyed that!’  I did the Derby 10k, despite having a horrid virus and did ok, 1hr 1min.

I’ve made sure I’ve continued running since and have even got to the point where I enjoy running up and down hills in the mud!  It still takes quite a bit of motivation to get out each time, but I know it’s worth it.

The one thing that would improve my running experience would be less cows, they scare me, a lot.