Sunshine Please

We had sunshine yesterday and very pleasant it was.  So regardless of the awful headache I had, I took the boys out as they were driving me mad in the house.

As I’ve mentioned I don’t like having to pay too much for a trip out and as we go out exploring quite a lot it could end up costing a lot of money. So I decided to take them to Hilton gravel pits , a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust reserve.  Having been here before I had a good idea that the main track in was going to have some huge puddles, so I prepared us with wellies and waterproofs. I also took their little fishing nets which they were VERY excited about.

So we arrived and it was still lovely and sunny, we kitted ourselves out with wellies and off we went. As predicted there were some huge puddles, which the boys went fishing in.

The reserve is ideal for young children, no cars, few people to disturb, only the occasional dog walker. It’s nice and varied with it’s lakes and streams, woodlands and some little bits of grassland, ideal for sitting and eating your picnic.  It’s not too long a distance around for little legs, we went nice and slowly and managed to spend 2 hours here as we took lunch too.

The only downside is the roar of the A50, but to be honest if I wanted a quiet peaceful walk, I wouldn’t be taking the boys! In the middle of the reserve there are a series of boardwalks, they really like running along these, it makes a normal footpath so much more exciting, also limits the directions in which they can run, always good when there’s only 1 adult to 2 small children!

Once they had had enough of fishing I encouraged them to use their nets to ‘catch pine cones’, saved me having to carry them, sneaky.

We sat and ate our lunch in the sunshine, with the occasional cloud floating past, the boys were very polite and kept asking the sky  ‘more sunshine please’. We then went to Betty’s Farm, come back soon to find about about our visit here.