A Potato Picnic

Our day has been far busier than I thought it would be.  I had no real plans of how to occupy The Farmer today, but it ended up being a nice full day… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party

Happy New Year everyone! The boys have had their first day back at school today and almost instantly my head is feeling clearer, strange that! I can’t say Christmas was the most relaxing… Continue reading

A Christmas Walk at Longshaw

Last weekend we had a trip to Longshaw and met up with family for a walk in the big open space of the Peak District.  The Cyclist and I used to drive up… Continue reading

Christmas at Calke Abbey

First day of the holidays, feels so good.  The boys are still arguing, still stressing me out, but at least I can prance about the house in my PJ’s till 10am.  We played… Continue reading

The healthy Christmas decorations

Today The Farmer and I were trying to think of something to do, like usual he suggested swimming. I really didn’t fancy swimming to be honest, I know it’s good to take them,… Continue reading

Sunset Picnic

School is so exhausting isn’t it? Its not just my boy that’s tired, I find that myself as a full time mum, I’m exhausted! It’s a huge change of routine to get used… Continue reading