Sunset Picnic

breedon on the hill
School is so exhausting isn’t it? Its not just my boy that’s tired, I find that myself as a full time mum, I’m exhausted! It’s a huge change of routine to get used to and to be honest at times I don’t like it.  I look back at the blog and see how much stuff we have done, but since school, there’s so much less.  We still get out at the weekends but we’re all fairly tired.  Recently I’ve been trying to organise things to do after school.  Although I’ve tried not to do too much as I know the boys will be getting tired, but when we go straight home, we all just want to curl up on the sofa and watch TV. So the other week I planned a sunset picnic.  I wasn’t sure where to go at first, It’s actually quite difficult trying to work out exactly where the sun sets and where the best vantage point is.  We stayed local and went up to Breedon-on-the-Hill.
tree elf

sunset picnic


breedon on the hill
The boys quite like it here as it’s at the top of a quarry.  The sunset that night wasn’t great, quite cloudy, we had a walk around and a bit of an explore.
They were keen to get started on the picnic, especially as I made the boot all nice and snuggly with cushions and blankets.  So we all got settled and tucked into our sausage rolls, crisps, juice and cake. It was lovely all sat there together in the early evening quietness, all snuggled under the fleecy blankets, except for my feet, they were freezing sticking out of the boot!
the sky's alight
We saw a red glow just as the sunlight had almost disappeared, it looked like the sky was on fire.
Shortly after we heard a very odd noise, then a wedge of geese flew into sight, it was one of those real magical moments that I’ll never forget and then an owl hooted, well that was the perfect end to a lovely evening!
If only the sunset could have been like tonight’s stunner!
Winning sunset