The healthy Christmas decorations

toowit toowoo orange owlToday The Farmer and I were trying to think of something to do, like usual he suggested swimming. I really didn’t fancy swimming to be honest, I know it’s good to take them, but today I couldn’t face it.  Then a quick browse on Facebook and this Christmas decoration idea caught my idea.  It had been shared by Niki Willows and I’d recommend ‘liking’ her page as she finds loads of cool, ourdoorsy, nature stuff.  I came across Niki’s work a few weeks ago when I saw a tweet about Niki’s project – Keep It Simple.  It’s a downloadable PDF from her blog Rounded & Grounded  there’s some lovely ideas and makes quite an entertaining read.

Anyway, back to the Christmas decorations.  The Farmer loved the idea of making these and ran off in search of the last orange and then started emptying out the baking drawer for cutters.  I chopped the orange into quarters, but before I could start peeling away the flesh he was already sucking on a wedge with juice squirting everywhere.  We chose a few of the smaller cookie cutters, including our favourite festive dinosaur cutters (dinosaur mince pies later this week).  It was quite tough to cut through the peel, so we rolled the rolling pin over them.  We’d made some orange pomanders last week, so got some more cloves out to embellish our cuttings! They both found it difficult pushing the cloves into the oranges last week, so I found it was helpful to pre-stab holes with a skewer first.  Here’s a few of what we made.

orange love garland
orange love garland

dinosaur orange
dinosaur orange

orange dinosaur sewing


I let The Farmer do the sewing too, I find a chunky, rounded yarn needle works well, again I pre-stabbed holes so he didn’t need to force the needle through!

he scoots
After much concentration we decided to get out for some fresh air. Very randomly he decided he wanted to practice on his scooter, he’s never been that interested before, but like magic he can now scoot, apart from momentarily when he face planted into the mud, but after that he was definitely better.
fire in the playground
A quick trip into the playground when the weather turned. Luckily for us we had collected firewood for a roaring fire under the climbing frame, enough firewood for toasting marshmallows and bread. Ok, so this bit was completely in my imagination, but it was cold, windy and raining and I was hungry.