A Potato Picnic

elder beads
Our day has been far busier than I thought it would be.  I had no real plans of how to occupy The Farmer today, but it ended up being a nice full day with lots of fresh air.  We did a few bits at home to start, made some ice cream, I caught him drinking the last few drops of cram out of the tub, no idea where he gets that from… We also had a go at making some elder beads, kept us busy for about 15mins, elder fluff everywhere now.  He started getting difficult, wanting help with everything he saw, when he didn’t really need it, I know he just wanted my attention, but all the time is too much.  So I packed us up some lunch, from leftover baked potatoes, fried till crisp and a pot of ketchup, Claire over at Things We Make is rather keen on these too, this is how she serves them up. We headed out of the house to Staunton Harold Reservoir as quickly as we could.  The spuds were still nice and hot when we got there.  Turned out to be a beautifully sunny day next the calm water and to ourselves for most of it. It’s a Severn Trent Water site, just £2.50 for the day, with nice walks, a playground and loos, Penny’s cafe also opens at weekends.
potato and ketchup picnic
I sat and watched the birds for a while, whilst The Farmer smeared ketchup over his face, standard, then had a run about in the playground.
zip line
I suggested we go together on the zip line, glad we did, it’s definitely got some zip for a three year old, for this 32 yr old too as it turns out, he of course thought the massive jolt at the end was hilarious.
tree elf
We did a bit of exploring in the woods, he wasn’t too keen at first, so I suggested he left a trail of sticks pointing the direction in which were going so we could follow them back to the playground, that worked! Its a very small bit of woodland but great fun, lots of roots and rocks to climb over, holly bushes to hide under.
We collected all of these dogwood stems before leaving, leftovers from a severe trim, couldn’t resist them, but what shall I use them for?