Dens, more dens, flying superheroes and a bow and arrow

Bin lorry fire station

Yep it’s been a truly random day here.  Still a bit chilly outdoors and whilst it’s good to be positive I think my idea of a bike ride round a local park was just downright stupid.  So we stayed in and went a bit freeform. The boys are always creating stuff with their furniture and cushions, I think it’s great although I also start to think why we bought them toys for birthdays and Christmas, a delivery of flat packed furniture would be more suitable. So this mornings den creation started as a bin lorry and morphed into a fire station, the alarm was VERY loud.
Blue submarine
Up in the bath our newly installed ceiling clothes drier transformed the bath into a submarine, complete with yellow submarine played on my phone (boys looked confused as if to say ‘this is music?’)
After they’d calmed down from the crazy ‘we’re naked!’ running about, they soon became super heroes jumping off the bed. After lunch we took a trip to B&Q, oooo tools, the boys were immediately keen. I’d seen this tutorial about making a bow and arrow.  The Fireman had said this morning how he’d like a bow and arrow from the Post Office, if you’d seen the tat they sell in there, even the most uncreative of people would think ‘yeah, I can do better than that’.  So I bought a 2m length of PVC tubing for less than £2, which was enough to make 2 bows.
I let the boys have a go with the hacksaw, they almost wet themselves with excitement. It was really simple, cut two slots about 3-4cm into each end. Tie a knot in the string (I used kite string as we have a huge roll of it).  Push the string into the slot so the knot is secured on the inside.  Cut the string to the length of the bow, then tie a knot about 5-6cm from the other end and secure this in the other slot.
Add some tape at each end, zip tie some foam stuff for a handle and your done.  They are pretty good, slightly lethal though.
Bow and arrow tutorial
Bow and arrows
Luckily the boys are not quite big enough to shoot them on their own, so shortly after they gave up and started filling the watering can with snow, as you do.