super strawberries


An early trip to Scaddows farm this year ensured a bountiful crop of huge, juicy, delicious strawberries. They open at 9.30 so we got there early as it’s so hot and of course no shade when you’re out picking. The boys soon got the hang of it, picking some perfect strawberries, but then getting slightly distracted by testing just a few! By 10:30 we all just seemed to crash and sat amongst the rows of strawberries daydreaming and thinking about what we could make with our strawberries. We filled the punnet as much as we could and weighed them in at six and a half pounds worth.

When we arrived home the first thing we did with some strawberries was mix them with some gooseberries and apple to make some jam, we definitely have enough jam now.

strawberry, apple and gooseberry jam

For dessert we had a simple strawberries and ice cream, I used this yummy honey ice cream recipe from BBCGoodfood. The next recipe was an interesting strawberry milk jelly, even the boys described them as boobs 😉

Strawberry recipes

The Farmer requested a strawberry pie. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of cooked strawberry but this was very good, with a sweet shortcrust pastry and lashings of cream 🙂

strawberry and apple pie

The final recipe so far was chocolate profiteroles with strawberry cream, this week’s entry to the French themed Sunday Baking Club. They were huge and satisfying and lots of them!
chocolate profiteroles with strawberry cream


The remaining strawberries have been washed and frozen, ready for making ice cold strawberry milkshakes, perfect for this heatwave.