Wedding Anniversary- Seven years!


Seven years we’ve been married! We first started going out 13 years ago, at the turn of the Millennium   I remember celebrating the Millennium up on Derwent edge, tucked under a gritstone tor, freezing my butt off as I didn’t want to complain to my new boyfriend! I don’t hold back these days, when I ain’t happy, I tell him 🙂 We’ve had many an adventure since that night ‘on the edge’.  We had quite a simple wedding, just 25 guests.

wedding day

Pre wedding pint for The Cyclist

We were married at Ashbourne registry office, booked a small coach to take everyone up to Burbage north for a walk in the Peak District, as that’s what we used to do together.

 wedding day

Well actually we mainly climbed together in the peaks, but making our guests harness up, chalk up and slog up a slab might be taking our wedding day one step too far.  At Burbage north we had bacon butties delivered and flew paper aeroplanes.

wedding day

Yep, we made our guests walk through muddy puddles

Shortly after we marched our way down to Burbage south and stopped at the Fox House pub for a cheeky half.  Our coach then took us to our evening venue.

 wedding day

Seven years ago it was called Lover’s Leap in Stoney Middleton, previous to that it had been a top class greasy spoon, climbing cafe.

wedding day

‘Cutting’ the cake

The day was just what we wanted.  Neither of us are bothered about elaborate ceremonies, nor did we want to spend a ridiculous amount on our wedding day.  The day went by so quickly, I really don’t remember that much, so it’s a good job we asked all of our friends and family to take lots of pictures for us, we couldn’t be bothered with a professional wedding photographer.

Honeymoon- cornwallAfter the excitement of the wedding day, we headed to the first part of our honeymoon which was five days in Cornwall.  The idea was to go to the outdoor ice rink at the Eden Project.  There was a big confusion with the ice skating times, we had to change our nights at the bed and breakfast and in the end the Eden Project ended up being closed. I was quite upset and complained, then Jess, a member of staff at the Eden Project came to the rescue. She opened up the centre at 7pm one night, JUST FOR US!!! I couldn’t believe how amazing they were to sort this out! It was a brilliant experience! Honeymoon- cornwallWe spent the other few days exploring, Tintagel, Newquay and Padstow.Honeymoon- cornwall

The second part of our honeymoon, was a trip to Norway for a bit of cross-country skiing.  Honeymoon- NorwayWe’d been once before and couldn’t imagine a better way to spend our honeymoon. Honeymoon- Norway
Honeymoon- NorwayThat is until I skied over The Cyclist, causing him to twist his knee and meant he couldn’t walk, let alone ski for the rest of the week, ooops. He was quite proficient at Sudoku by the end of the week. He stayed with me regardless of this and now it’s been seven years and oh how life has changed!

It’s been lovely writing about our wedding, it’s brought back lots of brilliant memories! It’ll be nice to look back again in another seven years time and look at all of our new adventures. Here’s a cake to celebrate today, Sachertorte chocolate anniversary sachertorte