Halloween Feast

pumpkin carving
I genuinely find Halloween fun.  I know not many people do, but for me it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun with food.  We don’t join in with trick or treating, although I do think this is fine in an area where you know you neighbours and I also think that if you’re children are old enough to go completely on their own, then they are too old to do trick or treating.  We live on a busy road and we don’t really know any of our neighbours, so I feel it is completely wrong to do trick or treating along here, so I don’t open the door, yep I’m miserable. We started Halloween with some pumpkin carving, Derby Grandad joined in, apparently his first pumpkin he’s carved and fortunately he still has his fingers.

Freaky bat/vampire boy
The next day we dressed up a bit and did some face painting and cooked up a Halloween feast.
Halloween Feast
The table was decorated with a few things form last years Halloween Party, The Fireman also decorated a spare butternut squash, to make him into Raymond.
Halloween Feast
You Cbeebies fans will know what I’m talking about. Raymond became an excellent atnd for these pumpkin and bat chocolate lollipops, the mould was from Wilco’s, I was impressed with their party stuff, unlike the Co-op who sold cheap and nasty things at not very cheap prices.
Halloween Feast
For our meal we had Witches Brew, a pea and bacon soup with added spaghetti worms, The Farmer looked seriously horrified at the thought of it, but realised it was actually very tasty.
cheesy witches fingers
There were cheesy witches fingers to dip in the soup, these in fact horrible, not in a fun Halloween horrible, just plain horrible.
Halloween Feast
For dessert I made a simple chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate spread and topped with hideously orange buttercream and a chocolate spider web.
Halloween hunt
After food I made the boys go out in the wet, rainy garden to search for Halloween chocolates.  I set up eight tealights and put a pot of little chocolates next to them, they all looked so pretty, as we watched from the dry house….

So anyway, I felt this was enough for Halloween for us, I kept it simple,as often I can worry too much and go over the top and so I kept quite relaxed, strange that!