Running In The Dales – A New Blog

I’m trying to get a bit more serious about running.  I planned to blog about it here amongst our other adventures, but started to feel like it didn’t really fit in and I wasn’t feeling very motivated to write about it.  So I’ve decided to create a new blog for all running related blurb at  So if you’re interested in seeing if I reach my goals or you fancy a good old laugh at me when I come face to face with cows or generally get lost as is the norm then please head over there.

Here is my final post regarding running that will be published on No Time For ironing.

Path to the stepping stones

My need to run is ever increasing, so feeling keen I packed some kit to take up to Yorkshire for our holiday week. We arrive at our cottage in Hebden, pile in and unpack, I then realise I haven’t packed my trainers, how dumb.
I made a crazy decision to buy another pair of trainers. Luckily My husband being a runner and knowing the Yorkshire area fairly well from his university years at Leeds, knew that a trip to Complete Runner in Ilkley would probably have a good choice of trainers. I have a decent pair of road shoes and also a pair a Walsh fell shoes, so figured some sort of in-between trail shoe would be good, especially for this week and now the weather is getting wetter. Basically I managed to justify to myself spending another £80 on trainers. I chose Mizuno Wave Ascend 8 and I love them! More about the shoes here.
The weather was pretty mixed, with most mornings being a bit grim, but sunny by the afternoon. This suits me fine as I prefer to run in the afternoon, I really seem to struggle first thing in the morning. I managed three runs over the week, the first a fairly easy 5k from Grassington along the river back to Hebden, then two more circular 8km runs from Hebden to Burnsall and back. This is how the last two runs start.
Stepping stones at Hebden Beck
A few hundred metres from our cottage I followed a footpath to the beck which took me to the stepping stones, which were flooded but I ran over them anyway, wet feet resulted.

Mini gate

The path was fairly muddy and up and down, I was thankful for the mini stiles along the way, time to get a bit of breath back.

Suspension bridge - River Wharfe at Hebden

The path continued downhill to the River Wharfe, where there is a suspension bridge, a very bouncy suspension bridge if you try to run on it!

River Wharfe

I followed the river downstream, nice and flat here, you could see that the river was about to flood if the rain continued. The river cut through the rocks at this point creating some quite big rapids.

River Wharfe at Burnsall

Within a few hundred metres the river was perfectly calm again. The trail here turned to concrete as I can only assume Burnsall gets very popular in the summer and the river trail is well walked.

Burnsall bridge

Burnsall bridge marked about the halfway point and also that it was pretty much all uphill back to the cottage.

Scuff Road

The second time I ran this route I chose to cut the corner, which was all on road and went straight up the field footpath to Scuff Road.

MASSIVE hill and BULL in field

This is the hill up to Scuff Road, looks like a challenge, but more to my concern was the sign. I am petrified of cows! So a ‘Bull in Field’ sign was even worse. I stood and contemplated the path for a while, then thought I’ll just go quickly. Yeah quickly until halfway up when I thought my lungs were about to burst and so possible being stampeded to death would be a more pleasant option. I walked the rest, no bull in sight…

River Wharfe from Scuff Road
A short recovery at the top gave me chance to take in this stunning autumnal view of the River Wharfe. This is why I would love to live in Yorkshire.

Path back from river to Hebden
Scuff Road took me back to Hebden, not far from the suspension bridge. I took the footpath option rather than road back up to the cottage, knowing there was a field of cows, but the day before they’d been right at the far end, not this time,agghh!!! I had to walk right through them doing some random arm waving to get them off the path, must have looked like a nutter. Next few hundred metres proved to be a fairly quick pace though.
Our cottage
Back up the lane to our cottage was quite tiring and ends with a huge hill, but fortunately the end is in sight. I was tired but satisfied.