The Good and The Bad of The Dulche de Leche

Dulche de Leche
After the other weeks Eating Around the World – Argentina post, I have been left with a huge box of dulche de leche.  It’s delicious, but we have quite a lot of it.  So I did a few experimental recipes to try and use it up.  Some worked and some absolutely didn’t!!

First of all we simply put a spoonful on top of greek yoghurt and peaches, yum, thumbs up for this one.
Greek yoghurt, peaches and dulche de leche
Secondly Derby grandma and grandad had given us lots of apples from their garden.  I thought i’d try making an apple tarte tatin, instead of making the sugar caramel, I tried using dulche de leche.  Looks good when being assembled.

Preparing big tarte tatin
Then look at it….mmm. The Cyclist thought it was some sort of savoury tart topped with sun dried tomatoes.
Apple tarte tatin - fail no.1
It tasted good though.  I boiled the dulche de leche in the pan with the apples to start, so wondered if I just assembled the whole thing and put it straight into the oven, it might not solidify into a soft toffee. I had some leftover puff pastry so had a go at some mini ones, looking good right??
preparing mini apple tarte tatin

Here they are after cooking, same thing happened.  So to conclude, this recipe does not work!!
Apple tarte tatin - fail no.2

Thirdly I thought I’d make some vanilla ice cream and stir in the remainder of the dulche de leche.

Dulche de leche ice cream
Yeah it worked, looks good and tastes good, phew at least that’s all the dulche de leche gone now and I can stop experimenting.