Rapha Supercross – Broughton Hall

So this is how our week in the Yorkshire Dales started. Last Saturday Rapha held their first of three rounds of the Rapha Supercross at Broughton Hall in Skipton. Check out the Rapha gear too, it’s VERY nice, that’d get me out on my bike more often.
Broughton Hall
How lucky was that to coincide with our holiday?!?! The Cyclist is obviously quite a fan of cyclo-cross as is The Fireman, who was a bit disappointed he was just there to watch and not race. Personally for me the big appeal was the Belgium frites, beer and waffles. I’m quite happy to watch a bit of cycling too.
We met a friend there, so with four boys and free cowbells to ring, things were very noisy, thankfully oh course, we were in the outdoors.
Cowbells in action
The event was free as was the parking, so I was more than happy to spend money on food and drink.  The frites, oh the frites!! They were so good, smothered in mayonnaise, not surprising then that I’ve gained four pounds over the week. The weather was incredibly mild all day, I’m not used to this at a cyclo-cross, usually my toes are numb within half an hour.
Oompah band at Rapha Supercross
So after a short walk round, listening to the Oompah band, we sat back sipping Belgium beer and homemade lemonade which made for a very relaxing day, although the boys were pretty hardwork.  As with all cyclo-cross races, unless I really concentrate, after one lap there is no chance of knowing what is going on.
Race time
Unfortunately a)I am too busy watching two hyperactive boys to concentrate and b)regardless of kids I have minimal attention span.  Each lap was about seven minutes and lasted for about 50mins.  Our spot in front of the hall was pretty good, yep you could definitely see people on bikes, EVERYWHERE.
Wall of Foam
Tequila Shortcut
The races were quite entertaining, but not as entertaining as the fun race.  Fancy dress, a wall of foam and the tequila shortcut, brilliant fun!
Mud, mud, mud.
With the addition of mud and sticks this event really did have something for all the family, well this family anyway, thanks Rapha.