Autumn Hazelnut Hunt

We’re still getting used to going on adventures without The Fireman now he’s at school.  The Farmer seems to miss him quite a lot, I never realised how much more confident he was when his big brother was about.  The Farmer often complains about walking and we try our best to push through it, we’d never get him to do too much so we know we’re being fair.  Without big brother to distract him, walking can be even more difficult.  The Farmer is more than happy to mooch about at home playing Play Doh and Lego, which is great, but I’ve been so used to planning days out and getting out exploring that I feel a bit lost when we just stay at home.
Bignall's Wood
We headed to Staunton Harold the other week for a walk around Bignall’s Wood with the hope of getting as far as the Jaguar Lount Wood to search for walnuts.
Noon Column
There was quite a lot of grumbling, but fortunately it was close to lunch so we sat and had our picnic at the Noon Column.

We spotted lots of Hazel trees along the way, so we changed our plan from walnut foraging the hazelnut foraging.  The Farmer was happier playing about in the trees and enjoyed spotting hazelnuts.  We were lucky with the weather and even got some sunshine.
Bignall's Wood
The Farmer was excited to see buzzards and this grasshopper, which he asked to play hide and seek with him, he didn’t understand why it wouldn’t hide 🙂
We finished our trip with a bag full of hazelnuts including these lovely red ones, which I think are called Filberts? So now they are drying out in the kitchen and I’m hoping they will be useful soon.