Eating Around the World – Argentina

Gnocchi with Salsa Tuco
I tried very hard to be organised this week, I knew it wouldn’t be easy cooking new things whilst we have our new windows fitted, so I started a day ahead by making the Dulche de Leche for the pudding.  The recipe sounded straightforward, pretty much the same as Cajeta.  It said when the milk and sugar begin to boil the Dulche de Leche will thicken, it didn’t give a time.  Ninety minutes later, three episodes of it boiling over and I felt the thickness had been achieved, at least the job had been done. Dulche de Leche seems to be almost a staple food product in Argentina, it’s no bad thing, it is delicious.
Dulche de Leche

For main course I made potato gnocchi.  I assume gnocchi is eaten a lot in Argentina due to a large Italian influence.  I liked the story that went with it.  It’s gnocchi day in Argentina on the 29th of every month.  Traditionally because it’s the end of the month, finances are tight and gnocchi is a cheap meal to make.  Each gnocchi day is also a national holiday, they have 19 national holidays!! Another tradition is that gnocchi day is often a group meal and each person puts some money under their plate at the end of their meal to thank their host or to be given to a guest as a symbol of good luck.  The sauce I made to go with the gnocchi was Salsa Tuco.  I sort of followed the recipe, but didn’t add any spicy peppers.  It made a lot of sauce enough to freeze for another day. As with most meals these days we topped it with grated cheese.
molten Duche de Leche cakes
So the two litres of Dulche de Leche that I made?? Well that was used to make Molten Duche de leche cake.  It looked amazing and The Fireman loves anything to do with volcanoes, so it sounded like a winner! Sadly the cooking time was too long, the Dulche de Leche had spewed out and there was no volcanic-ness about this cake, although the Dulche de Leche all over the baking tray did make it look like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption on a miniature scale. Tasty though and LOADS leftover, so might make some vanilla ice cream and stir in the Dulche de Leche.
gnocchi day money
Craft time was limited this week but we did make some little pretend coins that we could put under our plates after the gnocchi.

Next week, the Philippines. A school friend of The Fireman’s is from the Philippines so he seemed intrigued.  Intriguing is the stuffed frog stew, hmmm.