Eating Around The World – Poland

Pierogi, Polush dumplings
The Fireman was very definite about eating from Poland this week, I’m not sure where he’s heard about Poland before, but Poland seems like a good choice.

Main course was pierogi, Polish dumplings.  I had a look around at different fillings, ideally I wanted something with lamb as the previous day I’d slow cooked some lamb shoulder, so we had loads left. I followed this recipe.  The filling was very tasty, although I probably wouldn’t bother with the mushrooms again, the filling was quite soft apart from the bits of mushrooms.
making dumpling pasta
Whilst it’s always nice to make things from scratch, I don’t think I would bother making the pasta again, bit of a faff and I made mine too thick.  I would probably just buy something like gyoza wrappers. I wasn’t really sure what to serve the dumplings with, but using the freshly picked from the allotment sweetcorn and salad seemed too good to pass.
For dessert I made Kolczki (no idea how to pronounce it).  They are sort of like jam tarts, just not in a tart like shape, more of a rolled cigar shape. Mine however, were neither tart or cigar like, they all popped open whilst cooking and so ended as just squares of pastry with jam on top and jam all over the baking tray too. They were very nice though, the cream cheese pastry was lovely and rich. The Farmer didn’t really like them, he’s been a bit fussy with desserts just recently, bit strange.  The Fireman gobbled up three and asked for more, so they can’t be that bad.
Polish Easter eggs
A very last minute thought for a craft activity led to us making some wax crayon etched Easter eggs. Ok, so it may only be September, but when I saw the beautifully decorated Polish Easter eggs I couldn’t resist.
Scribble scribble.
We scribbled all different colours onto a paper plate, scribbled over with black crayon and etched away with a chopstick. Nice and simple.

Next week we go to Argentina.