Yorkshire Camping Holiday

Fountains Abbey
We went on holiday to Yorkshire weeks ago, but i’ve only just got round to writing about it.  There was a lot of lovely places to share with you all.  For some reason we always end up in Yorkshire, not complaining though, I’d happily pack our bags and move up there.  But for now we’re sticking with Derby.  We camped at a small and simple campsite in Little Crakehall, only 20 pitches, one loo and one shower, perfect for us.  Derby Grandma and Grandad joined us for a few days too.  On the lane down to the site there were loads of piglets, they were so cute. Also on the lane was a little shed where the campsite owners sold some fresh veg and eggs, a nice touch. Here’s some pictures of our days out, although I might not have got them in the right order!

Day One – Jervaulx Abbey

Beautiful place to explore at your own pace, very quiet and quite magical. Hard to imagine the size of this place in it’s day. I love how nature had taken over, so many lovely wildflowers.

Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx Abbey

Day Two – Bedale Railway, Aysgarth Falls

Derby Grandma and Grandad took the boys on a railway trip from Bedale to Redmire and we met them at the end for a picnic. The couple of hours peace and quiet was lovely and a bit strange to not hear bickering in the back of the car. After the picnic we headed to Aysgarth Falls as it’s not that far from Redmire. We didn’t stay long, but you could easily spend a day exploring here, there’s also a visitor centre and cafe at the car park.

Aysgarth Falls

Day Three – Exploring Little Crakehall and Bedale and Derby Grandma’s Birthday

From our campsite at Greengate Farm, there was a nice little footpath that led down to Great Crakehall along the beck. There was a great little playground and the beck looked good for paddling in, we just didn’t get chance. Bedale itself was a 5-10min drive away, with plenty of shops and another great playground. It was Derby Grandma’s birthday later that week, so we celebrated whilst they were camping with us with a BBQ.

Crakehall and Bedale

Birthday BBQ

Day Four – Fountains Abbey

The second use of our National Trust membership and it was a lovely day out. Another broken down abbey, another explanation of the dissolution of the monasteries, the abridged version , which of course was totally lost on the boys. However there were lots of nooks and crannies ideal for hide and seek. The playground is ace too.

Fountains Abbey

Day Five – The Forbidden Corner

Described as The Strangest Place in the World, but quite frankly I found it to be The Scariest Place in the World. I was well and truly freaked out by this place. Please don’t let this put you off, it really is an amazing and unique place. A garden full of follies and little paths leading to all sorts of bizarre things. But the underground maze of tunnels were too much for me. I have suffered with panic attacks since I was eight. Things haven’t been so bad for many years now, but this place brought back a whole load of bad stuff. Feeling sick, dizzy and lightheaded I just needed to get out, the screaming teenage girls did not help either. If I could go back into the tunnels and know which way to get through them, then I’d love to explore them more. So if you are of a nervous disposition, like myself, then this place is perhaps to be avoided.

Forbidden Corner

The next day was time to go home, we slowly packed away our (wet, like usual) tent and headed home via the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I really do think it’d just be far easier if we lived in Yorkshire. Where are we going on holiday next? Oh, that’ll be Yorkshire, you gotta love the place.