Eating Around the World – Germany

Germany as chosen by The Farmer.  Lots of lovely looking recipes from Germany.  We went with Jaeger schnitzel.  This recipe looked nice and simple.  I just used two pork steaks.  I was quite pleased with the bashing process involved with this recipe, it helped get rid of the stress of a visit to the dentist at lunchtime, I really dread the dentist. It was served with roast potatoes and some carrots.  The mushroom and onion gravy went really well with the schnitzel, of course the boys did not like the mushrooms, oh well more for me, I love mushrooms. They ate everything else, The Farmer described the schnitzel as ‘yummy chicken nuggets’.  Not that dissimilar, except it’s made with pig, which we explained to him, which then turned into a brief discussion on dead animals.
Moving on, for dessert we had this lovely looking Obstkuchen.  The recipe is basically a layer of sponge cake, using the equal weight of eggs to flour to butter, followed by a layer of fruit, I had some stewed apples leftover, then a layer of meringue.  It worked really well, although The Fireman didn’t like the meringue part, he only likes crispy meringues, no pleasing some people.
I had a go at this milchhorchen recipe too, enriched bread rolls, they looked like they’d make nice post school snacks.  I wasn’t impressed with the recipe though, it was too dry and didn’t knead or roll out very well.  To glam them up a bit I brushed them with melted butter when they’d cooked and cooled slightly, then dipped the into some cinnamon sugar.
Karneval masks
We did a little craft today, karneval masks. I bought some replacement staples and I  knew The Fireman wouldn’t be able to resist using it, so I let him staple loads of stuff to his masks and mine. The Farmer stuck anything he could get his hands on for his, he looked a little Dame Edna.
Darmstadt Hockey
Team EMU at Darmstadt
There’s something about Germany that really appeals to me, before the boys were born we visited Darmstadt a couple of times, to play unicycle hockey, yep that’s right, hockey on a unicycle. Gosh we look so youthful!! There was such a great atmosphere, maybe something to do with the micro breweries, but still, it was a very welcoming town. I’d really like to take the boys camping there when they’re a bit bigger.

I forgot to ask them what country we should eat from next week.  The Cyclist suggested Holland, I guess it’s only fair that he gets to chose occasionally.