Toffee Apple Bakewell Pudding – Beating the back to school blues

toffee apple bakewell pudding

The Farmer returned to preschool and The Fireman started school last week, it was a little bit emotional, not because I’m upset about him being my baby and growing up and all that, because I know he’s ready and excited about school and i’m excited for him. I’m just a bit emotional that we won’t have so much time exploring new places and hanging about in the woods, it just doesn’t seem right to do it without him. I will carry on exploring with The Farmer though, it only seems fair. So what to do with this child free time?? Bake of course! We’d scrumped a few apples earlier in the week, so I thought an apple pie for pudding would be nice. I made a batch of sweet crust pastry and popped it into the fridge, then stewed and sweetened the apples a bit.
stewed apples
But as usual I forget about these things and the slightly softened apples I was hoping for had turned in to a complete puree. I wasn’t sure this would make a great pie, so changed the plan to a a toffee apple bakewell pudding.
I remembered there was still a bowl of cajeta hanging about at the back of the fridge and also a pot of butterscotch sauce from our Arizona meal. So I rolled out the pastry, tipped in the cajeta and butterscotch sauce, tipped a load of pureed apple on top, a good cm or two, maybe a bit too much. Then mixed up some sort of frangipane sponge, poured it on top the apple and frangipane mixed a little. Then baked it at 175c for about 40mins. I kept checking it every 5mins after the first 25mins. I had no idea what it’d be like, but at least it used up the apples, cajeta and butterscotch.
toffee apple bakewell pudding
To my great delight it turned out to be delicious, messy but delicious. Even better, it’s lasted us three days worth of puddings! So all is good in this household and we’re looking forward to another week of school when mummy can be at home and create more random baked goods.