Eating Around the World – Jamaica

brown chicken stew with rice and peas
The Fireman decided he’d like to eat from a country where bananas grow, so we picked Jamaica.  So Jamaican food, wow so delicious, the main course has to be one of the best recipes we’ve cooked. This week was made a little easier by The Farmer being back at pre-school and The Fireman now at school.  Day three for him at big school all going well, but noticeably tired, so I didn’t expect too much from him with tonight’s food.  So for main course we had Jamaican Brown Stew ChickenBoth boys tried it willingly, The Farmer gobbled it all up, The Fireman ate most of it, slowly. The grown nuts (yes that’s what adults are called in our house) thought it tasted great. Such simple ingredients for such amazing flavour. I used way less chicken than this recipe suggested, four chicken thighs were plenty, it’s a little oily so I’d perhaps try cooking it without the chicken skins next time. It was served with rice and peas, a lovely coconut rice.
Jamaican blue drawers
For dessert I made Jamaican blue drawers, mainly because it sounds intriguing. I used a recipe from The Lovely Pantry, it gives some background info about this pudding too.  The steamed pudding was quite nice, not too sweet, but they have quite a dense consistency once cooked and I’d left them to chill in the fridge, so they were quite hefty.  The boys ate half each, which is probably enough as they’re quite filling.
rasta bracelets
A quick and simple craft tonight as I wasn’t sure if either of them would be awake enough to do it. Rasta bracelets, they both seem quite pleased with them.  Simply made with a piece of recycling cardboard and some lengths of yarn.

Next week Deutschland. Ja, das ist gut!