Eating Around the World – Italy

meatball lasagne
This ones going to have to be short.  I’m both physically and emotionally drained after The Fireman’s first day at school.  I actually had 3 hours to myself for the first time in over seven weeks, my mind and body is in shock.  Anyway last night we ate from Italy, it was made a little more special as my mum, a.k.a Airport Grandma and Granpa joined us as it was her 60th birthday.  I made a huge meatball lasagna, a recipe from Genarro Contaldo.  The boys liked it apart from the creamy cheesy part. It made a nice change to the usual lasagna.  Served with the lasagna was a plain foccacia and salad.Foccacia

panna cotta
For dessert was panna cotta with stewed berries. This recipe is the best panna cotta recipe i’ve made, really delicious. I love desserts that take no effort at all to eat, so lazy!
chocolate and hazlenut cake
Just to fatten us all up a little more a made birthday cake, couldn’t resist really. I stuck with the Italian theme and made the Hairy Bikers Torta gianduia, chocolate and hazelnut cake.  Almost forgot to take a picture before it got gobbled up.  The cake is very rich, moist and quite heavy, in a good way.

So a big happy birthday to my mum and I hope you had a lovely day, even though the boys tried to trick you into thinking we’d bought you a skateboard, I think the candle holder was a little more appropriate?
The Tara Centre
We had no time for crafts, this was our last day of the holidays so we spent the day chilling out at The Tara Centre, it was so peaceful and calm, even with my boys there. I have no idea what country we’re eating from next week, because quite frankly my brain has shut down and I don’t even know what day of the week it is, I do know I’m now going to go and eat chocolate and quite possibly drink gin.