Carsington Water – Grand Opening for the Outdoor Classroom

damper bread at carsington

We took a trip to Carsington Water a few weeks ago to take part in Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Grand Opening of the Outdoor Classroom. It was a free event, always good, especially as car parking here is quite pricey and it’s quite a long journey for us. We met some friends there too and enjoyed a picnic together.

Carsington Water - Outdoor classroom

At the outdoor classroom we joined in with cooking damper bread on the campfire, it was quite smoky so the boys decided pulling their hats over their faces was the best option. We looked at the impressive hibernaculer, explored the trails and had a go at pond dipping.

Carsington Water

After exploring the outdoor classroom which is on Stones Island, not far from the Visitor Centre, we stayed on Stones Island for our picnic, the boys and their friends were more than happy playing on this stone beach for quite sometime, pretending the stone circle which was already there was their pirate ship.
The pirates began to get tired so a quick trip around the playground livened them up.  It’s a big playground, quite spread out and quite hard work with two small children with different climbing abilities!

Carsington Water
Just as I thought we were about ready to head home, the boys wanted to explore the visitor centre. There’s an exhibit inside all about water treatment. The Fireman loved the game about the stages of water treatment and The Farmer loved pumping the water through the filter and they both loved the kugel stone, who wouldn’t love a giant ball of granite floating on a fountain of water???

We were there for over four hours and we only went a few hundred metres from the car park.  There is so much more to explore here, along with the seven miles around the reservoir itself, suitable for walking and cycling.   The Wildlife Trust are hosting another Wildlife Explorers event next Wednesday if you fancy getting out and about.