Eating Around the World – Yorkshire

Yorkshire puddings
We were eating IN Yorkshire last week so why stop there? This week we ate FROM Yorkshire.  After a game of charades, cryptic descriptions and complicated hand gestures, we realised the choice of meal The Fireman was describing was Yorkshire puddings!! So we went all a bit Yorkshire and added sausages, went a bit Scottish and added neeps and tatties too.  For pudding I made fat rascals.  I’d heard these were very nice and was keen to try one last week in a cafe, but sadly they had all sold out.

Another successful batch of Yorkshire puddings which went down well and with the swede being mashed into the roast potatoes the boys happily ate it without realising. We used our first and only batch of green beans from the garden which totalled about 6, not enough, fortunately we pinched some more from Airport Granpa’s allotment.
fat rascals
I used this fat rascals recipe and made 8 rather than the suggested 6 and they were still quite big, topped with whipped cream as they were too crumbly to cut in half. They are very filling, The Farmer struggled to eat one, The Fireman persevered and ate a whole one!
Cup of tea craft
One of the things that makes me think of Yorkshire is a cup of tea, so we made cup of tea cards for The Cyclist with a ‘special’ teabag inside.  It took a couple of teabags and much sweeping of floors for the boys to discover teabags are a little delicate. They weren’t that bothered about making the cards, but I told them it’d be a really good idea. Glad we did make them as both boys were so excited to give their cards to daddy!

Next week Italy!!