Highfields Happy Hens

Happy Hens
An opportunity to visit Highfields Happy Hens arose the other week when a friend kindly offered me her voucher for a family entry as she couldn’t make it.  As it was for two adults two children we took Derby Grandma along with us.  We arrived as they opened at 10am and it was nice and quiet.  It’s been a few years since we’ve visited I’m not sure The Farmer had even been born.  It’s all pretty similar, a few extras and sadly now has a huge entry price.  Of course our entry was free so mustn’t grumble. There are lots of little play areas, overall it’s most suitable for toddlers up to about the age of 8.

Happy hens

I found the trip slightly frustrating as we were handed a score sheet for minigolf when we arrived, but as we walked around there was no information about where it was, it would’ve been good if they could have given us a bit more information about the site too, such as where the footpaths go, what’s along the footpaths to see etc… We didn’t realise there was a circular walk or a nature walk at the top of the farm, but the boys had used up all their energy in the play areas to walk anymore. The place is really good fun for little ones, but I’ll be quite honest and say I’m unlikely to visit again if I have to pay £20 for a family visit.  The site is quite tatty, some very old play equipment, some new equipment too which sadly hasn’t been looked after or maintained.  The state of the site does not bother me or the boys, but when you start paying prices like that I often expect a little more.  You can take your own picnic as there is a picnic area outside, but be aware of the peacock as it’s not shy and WILL steal your food, The Farmer was very upset about this.
Happy hens
Derby Grandma treated us all to a tractor trailor ride.  We enjoyed it, this was how we discovered the circular path and the nature trail.  The staff were very good and stopped at various points to give us some information about the farm, I liked the thought that after one year all chickens go on holiday to Butlins.
Happy hens
The favourite part for the boys are the pedal tractors and the digger seat in the sand play. Derby Grandma and I quite liked the new maze which had a mini quiz as you went round.

I’m sure they have their reasons for charging £5.50 each, but when it was previously £2.50 per child I was more likely to visit often and happily buy lunch and a coffee, but now it all adds up to quite an expensive day. That said we did enjoy our day out and were very thankful to our friend for the voucher 🙂