Geocaching at Hermitage Recreation Ground

We tried geocaching for the first time the other week at Hermitage Rec, with North West Leicestershire DC.  It was great a way to discover a new place.  All equipment was provided and cost just £2 for a family, you definitely need to book though.
Geocaching at Hermitage Recreation Ground
Once I got to grips with using the device and the boys realised there were sweeties at every location we were well on our way.  Some points were quite a walk, there were a few complaints from The Farmer, but overall both boys did a brilliant job of walking.  The rain caught us out walking back from one of the furthest points, we decided to stay put under a tree and eat lunch. We did 7 out of 8 locations, which was more than enough walking and sweets too!
Hermitage, playground
After geocaching we spent some time at the playground, lucky for the boys they found one of there friends and his family were playing there too. They all played together well and I even managed to talk to adults for a while, doesn’t happen much during the day! By mid afternoon we started to walk to the car, but got tempted by the mini golf.
Hermitage rec
The boys have never played any sort of golf before, it was an interesting experience, I got frustrated when they didn’t play properly, but then realised they are only 3 and 4 so just left them too it, was more fun that way 🙂 We even mananged to fit in a bit of tree climbing.  A lovely full day of activities and fresh air.  North West Leicestershire DC are running another Family Geocaching this Thursday (22nd) at Grace Dieu woods, really recommend it, but also really recommend you book as the activities are very popular.