Storytime at Moira Furnace, Furnace Woods

Moira Furnace
Our first visit to Moira Furnace and Furnace Woods.  We took part in a storytelling event led by North West Leicestershire Council, which made visiting a new place a little more relaxing as we had someone to guide us through part of the site. This session was The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We met in front of Moira Furnace and were issued with masks for the story, the boys didn’t want masks though, typical.  Anyway we set off on a route along the canal past the old lime kilns, which the boys thought looked very exciting, then into the woods.  The first thing The Farmer noticed was the wooden owl sat on the gatepost.  A short walk through the winding woodland path and we arrived a hidden storytelling circle, where they also had a hidden stash of biscuits and juice, a winner with my boys. We sat down for the story on the little mushrooms, I wasn’t sure the boys were taking it in at all, but they recited it all back to The Cyclist at dinner time that night. After the story we carried on through the woods, crossing over the swamp along a boardwalk and this narrow bridge, these are great ways to make woodlands fun.  Out of the woods and we appeared at the playground, the boys went wild. We said goodbye to our storytelling leaders and got on with some serious climbing frame action.  It was such a hot day,  I could hardly bear the heat, so after a short while we took a walk onto the playing fields next to the playground and ate our lunch under the shade of the trees.
Furnace Woods
After lunch we headed back into the woods to have another go on the narrow bridge and spotted lots more woodland sculptures, The Fireman liked the sculpture showing old tools and bits of machinery.  We also had an explore of the lime kilns, they look like they’ve been recently restored, they were a bit spooky and dark, but interesting too.
Furnace Woods
Unfortunately the furnace itself wasn’t open, I need to read up on the times a bit more.  Nearby is a cafe where we cooled down with ice lollies and there are also a few other art and crafts shops and a bike shop.
Furnace and kilns
It looks like there are quite a few more areas of woodland to explore so we’ll be heading back again sometime soon.  Maybe even next weekend when they are hosting a Medieval event 🙂