Eating Around the World – Sweden

Sweden was a country I hoped the boys would choose eventually.  They said they wanted to eat food from where vikings lived, did they mean Sweden?  Yes!!
Viveka had given me the idea of Laxpudding and what a great idea it was.  It’s like the ultimate in comfort food.  Sliced potatoes, layered with chunks of smoked salmon baked in cream and eggs, topped with melted butter, I cannot see anything to dislike about that.  The boys enjoyed it, although The Fireman wasn’t so keen on the bits of custard between the spuds.
Swedish chocolate cake (Kladdkaka)
For dessert we made Swedish sticky chocolate cake (Kladkaka). Unfortunately I cooked this a little too long, even though I reduced the cooking tie from 35mins to 28mins knowing our oven cooks very hot. So it wasn’t sticky in the middle, but served with a generous blob of honey ice cream and it still tasted delicious.

The previous day we headed to IKEA as we had Sweden on our minds and it was tipping it down. So we arrived and played in the OUTDOOR playground in the rain anyway.  Then headed inside for meatballs and chips, The Fireman insisted he had lingonberry sauce too. The Farmer however preferred fish and chips.  Anyway we ran riot around the shop trying out every bed, seat, rug and light switch until we reached the ice cream machines at the end, the sole reason for visiting IKEA.

Vikings and Pepparkakor
We also picked up a box of pepparkakor biscuits which we took home and decorated, then made viking helmets out of a weetabix box, modelled by myself, what do you think??

The Farmer has chosen Scotland next week, I shall be picking up adding a bottle of scotch to the shopping list, just in case, it is the school holidays after all.