Cooling Down in Belper Parks


After our trip to Pottery Beach last week, we headed over to Belper to have some cooler outdoor time. The Cyclist suggested Belper Parks. We’ve been with friends once before so I knew it a little. I also knew there was a playground somewhere on the other side, but we were just too tired and too hot (and too busy playing in trees) to find it. Parking is at the Coppice car park, which is free and the paths lead directly from the car park into meadows at the edge of the woodland. First of all the boys were impressed by the council planters in the car park. They were growing veggies and herbs, they found it fun to go round guessing what the plants were. Off through the meadow, the sun was blazing. The Farmer went a little too fast, tripped up and rolled through nettles, he was completely covered in stings. Screaming, he got to his feet and started looking for dock leaves, my little brave boy πŸ™‚ In fact all he wanted was his orange. A short while later we wandered through the woods, feeling such a relief from the sun whilst under the trees. Belper Parks They spent half an hour in this tree, pretending it was their house. I was been ordered to play the role of the postie, delivering parcels of rocks. It was funny sitting back and listening to them. We’re quite strict with TV at home. Of course we do let them watch, life would be so much more stressful if not, but we never usually put TV on until the afternoon, except at Christmas when we let them finish watching the Cbeebies panto on iplayer in the morning. This has obviously stuck with them as they were pretending to watch a special Cbeebies programme in their tree house because it was Christmas πŸ™‚ They even had a pet snake which attached to your arm. Belper Parks We strolled back down the hill, the boys attempting to roll down every slope, some of which are quite steep, all they really managed to do is get covered in dust. A short game of Pooh sticks before returning the the car calmed us all down nicely Belper Parks Next time we might make the effort to find the playground, or maybe not, the trees were just as good. More details for Belper Parks can be found at The Woodland Trust’s VisitWoods site.