Eating Around the World – Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Style Chicken Biryani
The Fireman pointed out India, another big country so this time I showed him a bigger map of India and how it was divided into different areas and he picked Andhra Pradesh. We decided on Andhra Chicken Pulao. This recipe required quite a bit of preparation, which is not so easy now it’s the school holidays. Once all the ingredients were prepared it was quite straightforward and everything was cooked in one pan. I made some simple chapatis to go with it, as traditional food is eaten with your hands and scooped up with bread. The boys started eating with no complaints at all, but even though I left out the chillis the flavours were still quite strong and complex, but they did well. Myself and The Cyclist thought it was one of the best India dishes we’ve made and will definitely do it again. I didn’t bother making a dessert as we didn’t have a lot of time and we still had half of this strawberry pie left, although we did make strawberry lassi’s the next day 🙂

strawberry and apple pie
We learnt that in Andhra Pradesh it is tradition to eat your food off a banana leaf, not many of those around here, so we drew and cut out some banana leaf shapes and covered them with sticky back plastic to make a little snack plate.
banana leaf plate
Next week we go Swedish. My Swedish blogging friend, Viveka at My Guilty Pleasures has given me an excellent idea, don’t worry Viveka we’ll save the meatballs for our next IKEA trip 🙂