elderflower treats

Elderflower cordial
The boys spotted some amazing and huge elderflowers when we were in the woods the other week. After reading Monica Shaw’s Solstice and Elderflowers post I knew I had to make the most of these beautiful blooms.
I started by searching for recipes including elderflowers, it seemed the best and most popular way to utilise elderflowers is by making elderflower cordial. I used this very simple recipe from BBCGoodFood.
Elderflower cordial
It created three wonderful bottles of elderflower elixir.
Elderflower jellies
First of all I made some elderflower jellies to take out on a picnic, stuffing some chopped peaches in as they needed to be used up.

Elderflower collins
A few nights later I made an elderflower collins, it’s been so hot and we needed something refreshing…and gin like.
2 measures of gin
1 measure lemon juice
1/2 measure of elderflower cordial
1/4 measure sugar syrup
Stirred then topped up with sparkling water
I feel happy that I made the most of the short elderflower season, i’m now planning on freezing some cordial in ice cube trays to enjoy the elderflower joy all year through 😉