Eating Around the World – Canada

Seafood soup/casserole

Canadian week, again it’s a huge country and there are many different dishes for different regions. So I just picked something that sounded interesting.  Seafood casserole sounded nice and I want to make sure we regularly eat fish and seafood. Scallops is something the boys haven’t eaten before.  I bought a bag of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference frozen scallops, buying individual ones at the fish market seemed very expensive and as they were being chucked into a casserole I didn’t think it was worth it.  The frozen ones worked well, I thought i’d have to cut them a bit as the boys might not like eating something that big that’s new.  Turns out they shrink a lot when cooking.  The Farmer really liked them, The Fireman wasn’t so sure. I loosely followed this seafood Casserole recipe, but used much smaller amounts, used gruyere cheese and didn’t add lobster and crabmeat. So quite a bit different! For dessert I made Nanaimo Bars.  They looked unbelievably sweet, a bit like millionaires shortbread, but surprisingly they were not too rich at all.  With the base being made with bashed cream crackers, it was only the custard cream filling that was really sweet. It was nice to make a no bake dessert too

Nanaimo Bars
For our craft we made Canadian flag windsocks. It kept the boys engaged for about 10minutes, they really weren’t in the mood for sitting and concentrating, they are so tired at the minute with this weather.
Canadian windsocks


The Fireman has chosen India for next week, in particular Andhra Pradesh, looking forward to this one!