Tissington Trail with the Croozer and Follow Me Tandem


We’ve not been out for a family ride for quite some time.  I’m a bit scarred after the last time when I towed The Farmer 17miles, it was so hard.  This time we just did 10miles and I felt fine, the fact that we weren’t cycling in frozen conditions I think helped.  The Tissington Trail runs for 13miles from Ashbourne to Parsley Hay where it meets The High Peak Trail.
Along the trail
It’s a lovely old railway line which takes you through some beautiful spots in The Peak District.  There are many stops along the way, we stopped at Thorpe for a picnic.  You can also hire bikes at Ashbourne and Parsley Hay.
Along the Tissington Trail
The track can at times be quite narrow especially as the wildflowers start to go wild.  Most users are very considerate, but do bear in mind there are also people who are not confident cyclists! It was certainly quieter when we arrived late morning, after lunch it was getting quite busy.  From the Ashbourne carpark we headed through the huge tunnel towards Ashbourne town just for fun.  At times there is a soundtrack playing, sounds of old trains going through the tunnel!
Along the trail
There were lots of lovely wildflowers out, orchids again! The Fireman had a go at spotting too, and showed me these brilliant bracket fungi. We finished with ice creams back at the Ashbourne cycle centre, perfect way to ends activities.  Tracks like this are perfect for us at the minute as they are car free, soon enough the The Fireman will be moving up to the next size Islabike and The Farmer will be trying pedals for the first time!